Number 2 of Top 10 Speeches of All Time, says Time Magazine!!

So I stumbled upon the full text version of Patrick Henry’s famous speech given on May 23rd, 1775…  at a meeting of the Virginia Convention a day before John Hancock was elected President of the 2nd Continental Congress.

The 2nd Contenintal Congress was put together to create a unified front against the British Crown.  The colonies felt like they were being punished and penalized by the crown through “Intolerable Acts” passed by the British Parliament.  Which were basically taxes that the colonists had to pay to be under the protection/rule of the British Empire.  The colonists hated it, as they all came to America trying to breakaway from the old way of doing things.

Britain was Europe’s new super power after the 7 Years War(also known as The French and Indian War) which after reading about seems to have been World War I of the times. Almost every civilization around the world were engaged for a period of about 7 years, from ~1756 to 1763, picking sides and drawing lines in the sand.  The British Empire and the Prussians were fighting the French and the Indians with the Brits eventually getting their way.

The victory resulted a huge power imbalance in Europe, but that shift in power didn’t come cheap for the Brits.  The British were victorious but broke the bank making it happen.  To help pay the bills, the crown continued to add taxes to the people of its empire including the people of the 13 colonies.  The colonists didn’t feel a real attachment to the crown and weren’t super inclined to willfully paying the tax… Do you recall the Boston Tea Party??? They started taxing the tea and the colonists started pushing back…   Continue reading “Number 2 of Top 10 Speeches of All Time, says Time Magazine!!”

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