I find it interesting that a group of Politicians got behind the idea of Patrick Henry and were slammed at the elections… I’m not for them or against them, I honestly don’t care but my name is Henry Patrick, I know it’s not the same but it is.  I was google searching my name and found a Utah newspaper referring to this domain and it was a dead link.  I liked the idea of a newspaper speaking to my site, so thought that this would be a good place for me to blog about my present life and the life of Patrick Henery, one with a name similar name of mine.  I could have called it Henry Patrick dot com, but what’s the fun in that.  I am from Louisiana, and have nothing for or against politicians in Utah.  Not a whole lot of interests in Louisiana politics either… (though I do enjoy stories of Mr. Huey P. Long)

Patrick Henry isn’t my name, but it’s close :).  “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, I know that the battle is coming and I’m ready to fight for my independence from the King… I’m gonna put this militia to fight for our independence and I’m not waiting for the permission from any governing authority because I have a great vision and I see the what’s coming down the pipe.  Let’s band together and fight for our freedom before are chained and enslaved to work for the king on the other side of the pond.  

-Patrick Henry Paraphrased by Henry Patrick 🙂

I know that that’s not exactly what he said, but how awesome was he!  I don’t know much about him because he seems to be quickly brushed over in our history books.  How awesome and scary it must have been to live in that time period.   The country was just trying to figure out how to break away from the king, then trying to figure out how to run itself, a blank canvass for many to paint.  The man with the biggest brush, or the most convincing tone, won the ears of the people.  It was before radio, tv, or any real mass communications… (I’m sure that there were some sort of newspapers, I’ll have to check that fact out). Patrick Henry may not have been spoken about many times in the history books, but to be known for a statement you made hundreds of years after you spoke those words, is impressive.  People were listening and your message resonated with them.  When people listen to you and take action, they love you!

I plan to find out why people listened, and learn to love what you were saying Mr. Patrick Henry!  I don’t own a publishing company so I’m gonna do my best to put you in the history books of my kids by exposing you to the world on the internet.  I would like to compile stories of you and dig deeper into the “why” behind your words.   Patrick Henry, though I have never met you, I think that I will find a man of great courage when peeking behind your words.  We share the same name, kinda.  I hope that I do you Justice.  And I hope that you the reader, enjoy it.  I will listen/read your speeches and imagine you speaking to me in Louisiana 2017.  This could get interesting.

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